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jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

LIFEPO4 es la Mejor tecnología para las Baterías de nuestros EVs = Según declara Byoungwoo Kang del MIT Masachusets Institute of Technologies=

I was able to obtain a very brief Q & A with Byoungwoo Kang, the key MIT scientist who created the breakthrough battery:
What type of energy density do your cells have, and are they superior in that regard to standard LiFePO4 batteries?
Our development is related to increase power density, not energy density. The energy density of our material is similar with standard LiFePO4 batteries.

What is the total number of cell cycles you have achieved with these?
Under Lab conditions, we tested the cell for at least 100 cycles. At that time, there was no capacity fading.

Do you see these cells being better for HEV or EV automotive applications?
Our strategy sharply increased the power density of the LiFePO4. Also, LiFePO4 has great thermal stability (No Explosion). These properties makes our material more likely feasible for HEV or EV. However, if you see these two properties are more important than others like energy density, our materials can (be used) for portable devices.

Fuente: General Motors
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